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Michelle Hollomon,

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Why Coaching?

The focus of coaching is on personal success and achievement. Whether it be in business or at home, people are most fulfilled and successful when they accurately identify and use their strengths and talents toward a purpose. Road-blocks are common along the way, and people who can navigate those with clarity and confidence are the ones who really make a difference in the world. Coaching will help you do this!

Clients come to coaches for guidance, support and motivation, but they often leave coaching with much more!

Coaching is an invaluable tool to help you articulate and realize your ambitions, helping you develop skills that will endure long after the coaching ends. You will be on your way to achieve your professional and personal dreams.

Coaching services can be offered by phone or in the office.



Personal and Professional Coaching

“The path to becoming a high-performing leader involves recognizing, naming and then walking through our fears.”
Julie Baldwin “Back to Basics”

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