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Michelle Hollomon,

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Marriage & Couples Counseling
Couples counseling can be the catalyst for the change you need in your relationship. When coming to counseling at ECC, both people in the relationship can expect to be met with understanding and respect. Whether you already have a strong relationship and just need a few pointers, or you need more intensive marital help, counseling can offer a new perspective to help you have the relationship you always wanted.

Issues Treated: Communication difficulty, Extended Family problems, problems related to Child Raising, Infertility problems, Sexual Issues, Spiritual Issues, Pre and Post Divorce Care, Infidelity and more.

Individual Counseling
Eastside Counseling and Coaching works with individuals to overcome the issues in their life that hold them back; like stress, anxiety and depression. Counseling can help people identify the key issues that keep  them stuck, and then help them set boundaries and goals to get them going in a better direction. ECC is a safe, trustworthy and discreet environment where you can discuss your concerns and get the encouragement you need.

Issues Treated: Grief and Loss, Esteem and Self-Worth, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Anxiety, Worry, Stress, Setting Boundaries with people, Sadness & depression, Family of Origin Issues, Trauma, Relationship Difficulties

Child Counseling
Children experience all the same feelings that adults do, but they often need help processing those feelings in a healthy and child-centered way. As children experience stressors, talk therapy may not always be enough. Unique therapeutic media, like toys, figurines, and art, help children express their thoughts and feelings for a healthy response to stressors. Eastside Counseling and Coaching offers counseling for children 5-18, and includes parents as a part of therapy.

Issues Treated: Anxiety related issues, Adjustment difficulties, and Attachment problems.

Marriage and Family Counseling

“Life should be a fulfilling journey,
not just a struggle to survive.”
Vince Poscente “The Ants and The Elephant”
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